Anniversary date

Our anniversary is on March 31 and this year it was our 2 year. Wow, we have been together for a long time and I am still in love with my babe. Even though there are time where I can take a break from him, I still love him very much. He is my man, my babe, my best friend. I hope that 2 years is just the beginning to our story. The small little fights are worth it.

For our anniversary I wanted it to be a very special day. So in the morning I quickly went to starbucks and got my man a coffee. I got some breakfast burritos too and headed to pick him up. When I arrived I had balloons in a box, coffee, and breakfast ready to celebrate my man. I rang the doorbell in a town shakes of a lambs tail my man opened the door and was surprised. He opened the box and smiled as the balloons crashed on his face. We were off on his birthday adventure with a great start, he loved it. I took him to San Francisco to go shopping an he picked out anything he wanted. We went super early so we could do many things. After San Francisco we came back home to Sacramento because I had another surprise.

I told him to go home and be ready by 7:00PM.

I was waiting for him outside his house in a Limousine from THIS SITE. They gave me a great price rate to take me babe out in a Limo to see the town for our anniversary. He was so shocked and amazed, he did not know what to say. We got in the limo and headed to ANOTHER surprise! We were going to the Foster the People Concert with VIP access.  He looked at me with such excitement when he found out. We sat front row and were able to touch the hands of the band mates as they came and sang down near our seats. It was awesome. After the Show we went backstage to hang out with the band. They were awesome and talking to us like normal humans. They were cool people.

Then we went home and made deep passionate love. I touches my body like no one else can. I hope everyone experiences this kind of love. The climaxes are amazing.

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