Love at first work out

I like to stay in shape and when I imaged my relationship I imaged me and my man staying in shape and working out together. It is so awesome to have found my man through sports. Our relationship started when he needed a girl for his soccer team. Me, being a D1 athlete came on out and impressed the man so much he wanted to take me out on a date. We went to go eat and have been inseparable since. Two years later our relationship continues to stay strong.  We work out on our own time and when we can we work out or play soccer together, mainly soccer.

We use to work out at this personal trainer I know in Sacramento. He really gave it to us and made up sweat. I recommend him to anyone interested in getting in shape. His site is RIGHT HERE.

I use the app Swork it when I am unable to go to the personal trainer or to the gym. I have found a new method to live which is to always make room for you first to start the day.

In order for you to be happy and to be happy for your significant other you  need to make sure you are healthy. I make sure I eat and work out before I sit on my desk and do work. This way i can be a better girlfriend to my man.

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