Anniversary date

Our anniversary is on March 31 and this year it was our 2 year. Wow, we have been together for a long time and I am still in love with my babe. Even though there are time where I can take a break from him, I still love him very much. He is my man, my babe, my best friend. I hope that 2 years is just the beginning to our story. The small little fights are worth it.

For our anniversary I wanted it to be a very special day. So in the morning I quickly went to starbucks and got my man a coffee. I got some breakfast burritos too and headed to pick him up. When I arrived I had balloons in a box, coffee, and breakfast ready to celebrate my man. I rang the doorbell in a town shakes of a lambs tail my man opened the door and was surprised. He opened the box and smiled as the balloons crashed on his face. We were off on his birthday adventure with a great start, he loved it. I took him to San Francisco to go shopping an he picked out anything he wanted. We went super early so we could do many things. After San Francisco we came back home to Sacramento because I had another surprise.

I told him to go home and be ready by 7:00PM.

I was waiting for him outside his house in a Limousine from THIS SITE. They gave me a great price rate to take me babe out in a Limo to see the town for our anniversary. He was so shocked and amazed, he did not know what to say. We got in the limo and headed to ANOTHER surprise! We were going to the Foster the People Concert with VIP access.  He looked at me with such excitement when he found out. We sat front row and were able to touch the hands of the band mates as they came and sang down near our seats. It was awesome. After the Show we went backstage to hang out with the band. They were awesome and talking to us like normal humans. They were cool people.

Then we went home and made deep passionate love. I touches my body like no one else can. I hope everyone experiences this kind of love. The climaxes are amazing.

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Love at first work out

I like to stay in shape and when I imaged my relationship I imaged me and my man staying in shape and working out together. It is so awesome to have found my man through sports. Our relationship started when he needed a girl for his soccer team. Me, being a D1 athlete came on out and impressed the man so much he wanted to take me out on a date. We went to go eat and have been inseparable since. Two years later our relationship continues to stay strong.  We work out on our own time and when we can we work out or play soccer together, mainly soccer.

We use to work out at this personal trainer I know in Sacramento. He really gave it to us and made up sweat. I recommend him to anyone interested in getting in shape. His site is RIGHT HERE.

I use the app Swork it when I am unable to go to the personal trainer or to the gym. I have found a new method to live which is to always make room for you first to start the day.

In order for you to be happy and to be happy for your significant other you  need to make sure you are healthy. I make sure I eat and work out before I sit on my desk and do work. This way i can be a better girlfriend to my man.

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Love at first puff


In my last article, I mentioned that there were two main relationships in my life that taught me important lessons about love, but I only aquainted you with one. The first one I discussed was all about the poisonous relationship that ended up hurting me unlike anything I had ever experienced.

This next relationship, luckily, is a lot more of a joyus story. The second big relationship in my life began, oddly enough, similar to the first story; a guy who was just a friend. Right after I graduated high school, I began to work at a subway down the street from my house. It was situated in a small couldesac next to a Starbucks, so of course after a long day at work I would always go next door to get some coffee for a little pick­me­up.

After a few months of working at Subway I began to get to know the people next door and they were all a great staff! One of my favorite workers from Starbucks was a guy named Marcus. He was always super friendly and in a good mood whenever I walked in there and working right next to him, we would always see each other. One day I was taking out the trash at Subway and I saw marcus out in his car smoking and he called me over to join him. We began talking about weed and other things and eventually exchanged numbers. He and I became great friends, we started hanging out all the time and even after I left subway we kept in touch. Marcus wasn’t like other guys I had been with in the past, for example, he and I hung out on several occasions where it would be just us two alone, at night, in the car smoking and there was not one time when I felt uncomfortable!

Every time we would smoke together we always had great conversation, and we talked about everything; music, smoking, family, friends, relationships, you name it. There was never a time where he made a move on me though, and I always just assumed it was because he saw me as a friend. As time went on, Marcus and I remained friends but we didn’t hang out as often until one day he texted me to hang out and I met up with him at our usual spot. He was with two of his friends and I brought some weed to smoke with them so we all sat in the car and hotboxed for hours. It was a fun night, we all talked and laughed and got super high! So after that night, Marcus and I started hanging out everyday for the next two weeks straight, and I mean EVERY day. Sometimes we would be with his friends and sometimes it was just us alone, (I always preferred when it was just us two together), but it was an everyday ritual. By the end of those two weeks I began to expect a text message or a call from Marcus everyday.

One night it was Marcus, his friend Calvin and I hanging out and we took Calvin to his house to go grab his wallet. While he was in the house Marcus and I were in the car waiting for him, just talking as usual, when out of the blue Marcus held my hand. At first I was a little confused, was he hitting on me? Or was it just a impulse moment? All I could do was smile at him and right at that moment Calvin came back into the car and we let go of each other’s hands. We continued the night like normal and then I dropped them both off. Later that night I get a message from Marcus and it says “What are you doing tomorrow? I want to see you”. So we made plans to hang out the next day after he got off of work. My friend had told me that she was house sitting for her aunt and to come spend the night with her that night, so I asked her if I could bring Marcus and she said yes, so when Marcus finished working I picked him up and took him with me to the house.

That was the first night of me and Marcus’ official relationship. We kissed that night and stayed up talking until the sun rose. He told me that he had been harboring feelings for me for a long time and that he was nervous to make a move, but that he couldn’t wait any longer. We talked about how we both valued each other’s friendship and that if we were going to try a relationship, it had to be exclusive. So from that point forward we were a couple and we still are a couple to this day! Marcus and I have now been together for a year and 2 months and although that may not be very long, it’s the longest relationship either one of us have had. It hasn’t been an easy one though, Marcus and I have faced problems just like any other couple, but in the end everything we’ve dealt with has only made our relationship stronger and being with him has taught me so much about how a girl deserves to be treated.

If I compare the two biggest relationships in my life, the one with Vincent to the one with Marcus, I see major differences between the two. Being in love with Vincent was a one way street; I wanted him so bad and I would have done anything to be with him, but I couldn’t say the same for him. Being with Marcus has taught me that when two people really love each other, they are willing to sacrifice things for the sake of each other’s happiness. I also learned that when two people are in love they will always make time for each other. Me and Marcus have only spent 5 days out of our whole relationship apart and that was the week I went to Mexico on vacation with my family. I am lucky enough to say that I get to spend everyday of my life with the man I’m in love with and I get to experience new things with him day in and day out. How many other people get that luxury?

So in summary the main things that my relationship with Marcus has taught me is: 1. Relationships come to you when you least expect them. 2. Know your worth and what you deserve. 3. If a guy wants to be with you, he will make it happen 4. If you want a good, healthy relationship you have to be willing to sacrifice things for each other.


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America, this blog is tell all relationship site! We go into details about relationship problems and issues that you may be having yourself.

We are all affected by good and bad relationships. We give good tips to help in bad situations. We will let your know if things are going well in your relationship or NOT.

Everyone has the right to be happy and everyone should be happy. Do not let a relationship control your happiness.

If it does not feel right then it probably is not. Lets take a deeper look into relationships.

Love is Love.

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